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This story starts four years ago in pelikaan hill Sint Maarten Dutch side.
We were making our first batch to enjoy with our friends, after a couple of good beers, we naturally take the direction to become brewers.
When the hurricane Irma visit us we had a beer in our tanks.
After a month without assistance,the beer was different as usual, this IPA will be our new symbol the beer strong and bitter has a hurricane.

Pelikaan brewery is born in otcober 2017 .#sxmstrong

Pelikaan brewery is producing craft beer, Ale, Pale Ale, IPA, Wheat beer, Porter and many more.
Our creativity has no limit we design our beer with passion and quality.


Appearance, mouthfeel, aroma & flavor



By the numbers

SRM, IBU, ABV & Gravity.

Where Pelikaan was born

We are located in Colebay At Sint Maarten


Everything start in a small kitchen in Pelikaan hill, naturally we decided to keep the symbol of the island as our brand name.

Pelikaan Brewery is born two years ago after testing different recipe of beer we finally create our different range beer.


The most tasty and natural craft beer

All you need to know about our beer and distribution.


Our beers have biting flavors and strong mouth-feel that incorporate a regional distinction that no one, but Pelikaan, is ready to provide to Saint Marteen.


Soualiga is a delicate blond with a little taste of mango . This beer is not sweet by the mango but more acid and more colorful. Acidity and bitterness


Irma IPA is strong and bitter has a hurricane, in the right spirit of old fashion IPA  the hops is doing a wonder full effect on the bitterness.


Mont Careta is a porter with roasted coconut  a drinkable desert for the beer lover.


Mullet bay is a blond beer smoothly bitter and refreshing that is the beer to enjoy on the beach.

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